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4.0 out of 5 stars
(111 reviews)
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Deals + Specials

$0.99 Kids Meals with Adult Entree Purchase - 5-8pm
$4 Senior Meal - Every Day
$4 Off Family Meals - All Day
$5 Lunch Weekdays until 4:00pm

Recent Guest Reviews for Fazoli's Montgomery

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  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    Ok.....ok....I normally dont do this but just tried new restuarant (Fazoli's) in eastchase. when I say jumping... when we came in was greeted properly, friendly staff, fun,great service, food came expeditiously, prices good, food awesome to the last bite....would you believe it's a fast food restaurant with a dine in quality we stayed and was wowed...we bringing the kids next time....
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Customer service was absolutely horrible. I made an expensive takeout order. When I went to pick my food up, the restaurant was completely empty. With that being said, the girl at the counter just points off to a shelf and says it’s over there. I’m like ok....... do I pick up all these bags? Is some of it mine? All of it? The proper thing would’ve been for someone to actually open all the bags and show me that everything was there. I mean, the place was empty. But instead they chose to point to where I can go grab the stuff, check it myself, and giggle with their phones behind the counter. Unacceptable. I could’ve chosen to takeout and spend $50 bucks anywhere else in Eastchase. Also, my pan of lasagna was smushed in the bag, the lettuce for my salad was somewhat wilted and my strawberry topping for all the cheesecakes were left out of the bags that I unfortunately didn’t realize until I was back home.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    I ordered an extra dozen breadsticks and a family Alfredo sauce. Did not get either, would like my money back please. The food was ok.
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    Customer service was amazing. Definitely coming back for more. Jennifer M was so helpful with helping me to pick what I want
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    Went to eastchase fazolis today with my daughter and granddaughter I really didn't want anything to eat but my daughter did she ordered and was ask to be seated and the food would be out shortly well long story short it was a older lady who was so nice and kept asking was everything ok that I ended up ordering food as well! Will be returning with my family
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    We may never get our food... :-(

About Fazoli's

Welcome to Fazoli's fast, fresh, Italian restaurant in Montgomery, AL. Our Pasta and Sauces, Breadsticks and Salads are FRESHLY prepared throughout the day. Oven-Baked Dishes and ​Primo ​Submarinos® are never baked ‘til you order them! Made with 100% Real Mozzarella and Provolone, vine-ripened Tomatoes in our Authentic Marinara Sauce, plus Garden Vegetables, our food isn’t “fast food.” It’s fast, fresh, Italian!

We also offer catering Anytime. Anywhere. Any Occasion. Call (334) 239-9109 to place your order!
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