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Recent Guest Reviews for Fazoli's Jasper

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  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Brainne S was rude. When she assigned the same number to two orders she was very rude when I approached the counter to make her aware. I then checked on our order- our order was sitting in the window. Brianne did not offer it to me at that time. We were not offered breadsticks either. I asked if we could have breadsticks. She handed me a plate with no verbal acknowledgment.
    I then returned to our table. After she finished helping the customers waiting in line- she finally delivered our food- Cold. There were other people working but the food was not delivered until Brianne brought it to us- however other people received their orders delivered.
    Glad we were just passing through as we would never stop here again
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    We visited the Fazoli's last night, and we arrived to find that several employees had quit earlier in the week (maybe the day before?). The staff that was left was FANTASTIC, especially the only woman there (on 8/5/2019). She was upfront when we walked in that they were short handed and service would be delayed because of this. She was cheerful and positive despite the fact that it must have been extremely stressful and taxing. She deserves extra compensation or recognition. However they were struggling to keep up with orders, keeping the dining area clean, etc. as there just weren't enough employees. They were working very hard, though. HOWEVER this is the second time in less than six months we have visited a Fazoli's in Indiana (the first was in northern Indiana in mid-March) where we have walked in to find that staff had suddenly quit and service was VERY slow. In March, we had over an hour wait for our food. In fact, when we walked into the Jasper Fazoli's yesterday, my 12 year old looked at me and said "I hope the manager didn't quit at this one like that other one (because the service was so bad)". Only to find out that the manager HAD quit that week, and we had a similar experience. While I can understand from time to time problems arise with staff, the fact that twice in less than six months we have experienced this at two totally different Fazoli's makes me question if there is a larger problem within the company. I don't know if we will visit another Fazoli's given the service we have received. Again, the Jasper crew was doing their best, and I commend them greatly. I don't blame the employees left there as they tried their hardest to make the situation the best that they could.
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    I am very pleased with this location. Especially within the last years where traditional style food has returned. It's about the restaurants in the states started using real plates and utensils. Everyone at this location is friendly. Annie is a great cashier, maybe a little over bearing, but means well. She may be a strong link in a chain, but it's the whole chain the carries the operation. This level of efficiency would break without everyone. Good job Jasper location.
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    I would like to take the opportunity to thank Theresa in the Jasper store today for her kindness and hospitality. It was a welcomed visit. This Fazolis has struggled for awhile and it was nice to see someone that cares and who was displaying the utmost care and hospitality to the customers today. She went above and beyond to make sure things were running smoothly. This has been very much needed for this location. Again, thank you Theresa for your hospitality today.
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    I have never given a customer feedback until now, and its because I have never been so impressed with someone before in my life. I have lived in jasper my entire life and try to dine with locally owned establishments as often as possible. I understand that Jasper Fazolis is considered a chain restaurant, but the food is sort of amazing! Well it used to be... but the last few years the service and food quality tanked, and I have not eaten at our Fazolis for over year until this happened. I was checking out at the grocery store a few days ago and a attractive woman wearing a fazolis shirt was behind me in line. She started a conversation about nothing in particular and the conversation went to where she works, and (as politely as possible) I shared my fazolis experiences with her. She listened patiently to everything, and asked me a few questions then she apologized and agreed it wasn't acceptable. She asked me for my contact info so she could make it right and get me back as a valued customer. I didn't want to share my info because I didnt want a corporation having my info, and she understood but told me if I would give her a chance and put back the pizza ingredients in my cart and come visit the restaurant this week instead she would guarantee I would love it or she would personally buy me a gift card for the grocery to buy those items later. How could I pass up that offer, and I was also curious why this woman was so confident.
    We did eat at fazolis this evening and she spotted me and although she looked tired she had a smile on her face the entire time. She was very sweet and patient with a special needs employee, and then a few minutes later I saw her high fiving another employee for doing something in the drive thru. The entire atmosphere was different from what I remember it being, and it was actually really busy. She made a point to personally bring our food out to us and chat for a few minutes, and she was right everything was amazing. My friend Terry was eating dinner with me and he instantly remembered her from when she worked at IGA. Terry told me when he resigned as Mayor, Teresa came out of the deli to hug him and thanked him for his service to our town. He said she was the best deli manager he had seen at IGA and it has went down since she left. As they chatted I realized this lady is the real deal! Later she brought us cheese cake as a thank you for giving her a chance. She won her bet and even though Fazolis isnt a locally owned restaurant, she brings the local spirit and that matters to us in Jasper. I am a 25+ years employee of JET and before we left she brought me a catering menu because she knew her old deli catered to us at least once a week. She showed me how to work that stupid phone and download your app so I can order and pickup dinner on the way home. I dont know how but as we sat in that restaurant I felt like we were eating at her kitchen table. I will definitely be back and will be giving my recommendation to HR to give the catering a chance also, but I will insist she is in charge of our order. If Teresa sees this I want her to know she is a special little lady, but I doubt I will take her up on anymore bets!
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    We waited 25 minutes for our food. We had to go up ask for it. My food was warm, not hot. My husband’s salad he couldn’t eat because of taste. One girl working register and delivering food to another employee and family.

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