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  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    I ordered food through door dash with you, the salad I received had a roach in it. I called when I noticed and the manager rudely told me there wasn’t a big problem there and said I could drive there for a new salad. It’s so disgusting to find a bug in my food, I wouldn’t want to order from Fazolis ever again. I do want a refund for my food but also the point is the manager didn’t seem to concerned about the roach and was more defensive so looking into that is probably a good idea also.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Tim said he would not correct overbillingcaused by birthday freebie. Ruined my family celebration. We are never goiñg back añd strongly not recommending oñsoc8almrdia. Fix 6our app
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    I ordered the shrimp alfredo. Just like the chicken alfredo but without chicken and with shrimp. She rung it up as parmesan crusted shrimp bake. The visit before this one I did have that and I ended up not liking it at all because it has bell peppers in it. So their is no reason for me to get the same thing. The employee 'Marie N', went back to tell her other coworkers that I was wrong and she was mocking my voice. I sat in the back on the seating area and could hear her over everyone! She was so disrespectful towards me, someone really needs to explain to her what friendly customer service is. I was very disappointed.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Never received any breadsticks with our meal. When I brought it to the attention of the manager Tim, he acted like it was my fault. He made a seen in front of other customers. Being a disabled Veteran and a paying customer you expect the services I paid for. The worst experience ever!
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Side salad I purchased today was wilted and discolored.
  • Rating 5.0
    5 out of 5 Stars
    excellent customer service.....great manager to chat with and the BEST cinnamon swirl bites...going to be habit forming

About Fazoli's

Welcome to Fazoli's fast, fresh, Italian restaurant in Festus, MO. Our Pasta and Sauces, Breadsticks and Salads are FRESHLY prepared throughout the day. Oven-Baked Dishes and Submarinos® are never baked ‘til you order them! Made with 100% Real Mozzarella and Provolone, vine-ripened Tomatoes in our Authentic Marinara Sauce, plus Garden Vegetables, our food isn’t “fast food.” It’s fast, fresh, Italian!
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