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$6.99 Whole Pizza - All Day
$0.99 Kids Meals with Adult Entree Purchase - 5-8pm
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Recent Guest Reviews for Fazoli's Sandusky

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  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Horrible experience. Workers allison in the front and a cook were fighting and no managers were around. We asked for breadsticks and they said we had to wait however they were serving them to other customers. Took 12 minutes to get our food and my cinnamon sticks had garlic butter on them with the cinnamon. It was just a horrible experience. I'm a manager at a fast food restaurant and this should not have happened at all.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Employees were fighting and rude. A cook and a girl in front were fighting the whole visit. Girl was crying. They went in back and had a shouting match. F bombs flying. Manager no where to be found. Had to ask for our breadstick 4 times kept telling us there isnt any up right now but they would bring them.everyone else but got them.finally i went I got them. With a attitude I got them. And they were dough. I've been a general manager for 15 years for a fast food restaurant. I know how it can be, but this was not good.
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    Meal was good. No breadsticks!?!?!

    My family of 7 spent $65 for dinner on 8/2/2019 @ 5:17 PM after a day at Cedar Point. Ordered food, and was delivered to our table, but without breadsticks. Went to counter, was told they were "working on it". Breadsticks (7) arrived after everyone was pretty much mostly done eating. Going up to ask for more was told "we don't have any". Asking why, I was told "we are too busy, and had a lot of catering orders". The store wasn't even 1/2 full. I asked how long until I could get some more breadsticks, as this is a major selling point with the kids for coming here. Was told "I don't know". I asked again, "How can you not know?" and the person repeated the same statement about being busy and "we only have two ovens".

    Has to be the worst service I have received. A store in my home town of Valparaiso has always been courteous and very good with breadsticks. This place seemed to not care and only offered excuses with no resolution. How can you not be ready with serving your IN STORE customers?? I'll add that other tables had a similar complaint.

    My family left, with the intent not to revisit this place in the future.

    I'll give an additional star for the main meal, which was good. Service was poor with no resolution and an unhappy customer.
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    My order was incorrect and I didn't notice until I got home. I had ordered a kids Fettuccine Alfredo and got a spaghetti with meat sauce.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Ordered baked spagetti and got half a serving and rolls were even shorter than normal. What gives?
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    Poor service/employee played w/her hair

About Fazoli's

Welcome to Fazoli's fast, fresh, Italian restaurant in Sandusky, OH. Our Pasta and Sauces, Breadsticks and Salads are FRESHLY prepared throughout the day. Oven-Baked Dishes and ​Primo ​Submarinos® are never baked ‘til you order them! Made with 100% Real Mozzarella and Provolone, vine-ripened Tomatoes in our Authentic Marinara Sauce, plus Garden Vegetables, our food isn’t “fast food.” It’s fast, fresh, Italian!

We also offer catering Anytime. Anywhere. Any Occasion. Call (419) 624-9848 to place your order!
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