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  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    No servers checking on customers and had to ask for bread sticks and eventually go get myself, has happened last 3 visits will ask for breadsticks but end up waiting 4-5 minutes and just getting myself without ever being checked on again.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Asked for breadsticks and was ignored multiple times
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Nice employees on front line food was ordered in store they rang it up all wrong 5 dinners of chicken and broccoli Fett. Turned into chicken spicy and broccoli penni. With tomato. 2 large orders of bread sticks tasted freezer burnt when hot home to eat. Nothing was correct almost 50$ of food no good tasted terrible. I'm going today with cash receipt for the payment to be reimbursed. This should have never have happened. Thanks Kingsport TN I'll let you know what happens.
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    Employees did not look clean, dining room was filthy, order was incorrect, did not get everything I paid for. No wonder no satisfaction survey is on the receipt, something needs to be done, or this location will go under.
  • Rating 1.0
    1 out of 5 Stars
    Horrible cashier that was spiteful when she got our order wrong
  • Rating 2.0
    2 out of 5 Stars
    It's usually a great experience at this location but on 7/10, I ordered 3 spaghetti with meatballs extra sauce and it was a mess when I got home. This was after a 13hr shift and I thought of bringing Fazoli's home for dinner as a treat. My family loves Fazoli's, we used to have them back in FL and was so glad there's one here in Kingsport. Anyways, I got home and the 3 hot dishes were all piled on top of each other and sauces all over inside the bag. We transferred them onto plates, no big deal but the part I was ticked off was the very bottom dish's plastic lid that melted as they're all hot and with all that weight from the other 2. As my son was eating it, he spit out a piece of sharp plastic that came from the lid that melted, so I checked for more plastic that might have gotten mixed in there and didn't find any. It was a little later as we ate that he found another one and I said that was it. I tossed that dish in the trash and shared mine with him. I would have called the store but didn't have the time for it and I was so upset. My son was so excited when he saw me bring home Fazoli's and he ended up chewing on a piece of plastic from the lid. Crew must exercise common sense with the materials they have and how they place each hot dish in a to-go bag. This could've easily been prevented if each hefty hot dish was put in its own bag.

About Fazoli's

Welcome to Fazoli's fast, fresh, Italian restaurant in Kingsport, TN. Our Pasta and Sauces, Breadsticks and Salads are FRESHLY prepared throughout the day. Oven-Baked Dishes and ​Primo ​Submarinos® are never baked ‘til you order them! Made with 100% Real Mozzarella and Provolone, vine-ripened Tomatoes in our Authentic Marinara Sauce, plus Garden Vegetables, our food isn’t “fast food.” It’s fast, fresh, Italian!

We also offer catering Anytime. Anywhere. Any Occasion. Call (423) 246-8221 to place your order!
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